Wish to donate untouched food? Call us on 90877 90877.

Feed People. Not Landfills.. India’s non-profit excess food recovery organisation

Email : [email protected]

Registered Office: No Food Waste
Block 2, Rathinam Tech Zone, Eachanari, Coimbatore – 641021.

About Us!

No Food Waste is an edible food collection organisation, collecting the surplus untouched food from weddings, parties and other food sources to feed the needy and hungry people. The initiative was started in Coimbatore on October 16, 2014, on World Food Day with the mission to end food waste and hunger to make the “World Hunger Free”. No Food Waste works with Governments, CSR partners and Volunteers to create local chapters of food collection across various cities addressing the two major, urban and environmental challenges, following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

HOURS OF OPERATION: All Days from 9.30AM to 10.00PM
Helpline: +91 90877 90877

NGO Registeration Number: 71/BK4/2015 12AA & 80G Certified
FSSAI Registeration number: 22419566000215